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Nevertheless the information about create facebook page is important. All we have is to bookmark the necessary steps we have to take and the job will be done with no flaws.

The below article is an excellent reminder of what we have to do in order to create a facebook page that has a great impact in our business.

How to Create a Facebook Page for Your Business |

“Step by step instructions (with screen shots) on how to create a Facebook Page for your business.”

Things to Remember When Creating a Facebook Business Page

There are several things you want to take into consideration and know when creating your Facebook business page to make the process easier and less confusing:

  • You have to have a Facebook Personal Profile or a Facebook Business Account to create a Facebook Page for your business. This is because every business page must have an administrator in charge of and assigned to the page. If you do not have a Facebook Personal Profile, Facebook will require you to create either a Personal Profile or Business Account before you can complete your Facebook Business Page creation. Don’t worry, people who “Like” or connect to your Facebook Page won’t be able to see that you are the Page administrator.Business Accounts are for individuals who want to use Facebook only to administer Pages and their related Facebook ad campaigns. Business Accounts can’t be found in searches, can’t send or receive friend requests, and can’t view other Facebook user profiles or content that is not on their Pages. You are not allowed to have both a Personal Profile and Business Account, but a Business Account can be upgraded to a Full Personal Profile at any time.
  • Once you have created your Facebook page, you can add another person who has “Liked” your page as an administrator. Once you have multiple administrators, you can remove Facebook Page administrators as needed.
  • Pick a category your Facebook Page will best fit under. This is the main subject you want to promote on Facebook. Make sure you pick the closest match if you can’t find an exact match and know that you cannot change the category once it has been set.
  • Think about your Facebook Page name carefully before you choose it. Your page name cannot be changed and you’ll be stuck with it once you create the page. If it for a public figure or artist, consider using the name of the person. If it is for a business, consider using the name of the business. If it is location specific, consider including the city or area the business is in. If it is a brand, product, or organization, consider using the name of the item it represents.
  • Make sure you have a photo, image, or graphic ready to use for your Facebook Page. If you are an entrepreneur and you are your business, consider using a combination of your logo and your photo to differentiate your Facebook Business Page from your Facebook profile or maybe use a different photo. Also two different photos from the same photo shoot for consistency works really well! If you are a business with employees, think about using a photo of your storefront or a group photo of the staff with your logo. Just make sure that when the image is reduced or cropped to thumbnail size, it is still clear and easy to understand


an image of create facebook page  -  to Create a Facebook Page

Don’t you sincerely feel that the process to create facebook page can change the world? At least your world…In the end, your business is your world, isn’t it?

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