It is possible to target your audience and also make your clients alert to your existence. Set-up a Facebook page for the brand and give the right motives to users to enjoy your own page and urge it for their buddies.

Facebook Advertisements can be run by anybody.

Seek Google and you will locate numerous such services. Keep in Touch With a handful of these and make a request for competitive estimates. Compare these estimates and go for the internet marketing service which satisfies your needs the easiest method possible. Keep a rough funds amoun in your mind otherwse you could finish-up spending a handful of money with no remarkable yields in your investment.

Facebook advertisements must be brief, easy and appealing to eyeballs.

Let the advertising content is Facebook Adsdrafted by a copy writer so you get the most potential hits on your own advertisements. It’s also advisable to record your spending for the results reached so you could draft more substantive strategies in the near future.

Whether an internet marketing service is managing your Facebook advertisements, subsequently request related data so you know where is the cash going and what can it be that you are getting in return.

As you will find hundreds (if not thousands) of ad businesses out there, it will not take you long in finding a perfect service for the ad campaign.

Besides Facebook advertisements, you can even consider Google PPC ad campaigns to advertise your goods or services and bring many of visitors on your website.


Facebook Video Ads

The big buzz on internet marketing stage was the bullet news released regarding the upcoming Facebook Video Ads. Everyhting started in December 2012 and the first buzz was that the ads will have a capped lenght of 15 sec and set to auto play to users. The buzz died slowly and resurfaced in mid-april of 2013 with the update that usersn will be able to see no more than three ads daily. What a bluff…

Facebook Ads Cost

Facebook ads price can vary due to which option you choose for your ad and it depends:

  • if you’re promoting a page, a post, a site (url)
  • on your content, demographics and audience you choose
  • the choosen field of business and your competitors
  • on the price you bid or if you bid for CPC or CPM

At the end of the day everyone wants to get the best cost of facebook ads posted. The ideal is to get the cheapest rate which is zero cent per ad. In order to get dirt cheap clicks from Facebook we need three components in place

Laser Targeting  > Epic CTRs > The Right Bidding

Faceboof Ads Cost Magic Formula



Laser TargetingNew Facebook Ads

  • get the right demographics, from the same region (country) with an interest in your product
  • age targeting should go in multiples of 10 (split test for 20-30, 40-50, 50-60 intervals)


Epic CTRs Factors

  • make sure you don’t exceed the 20% text limit in your News Feed ads
  • right image with direct look, weird, to drive attention
  • good headline that grabs attention, creates tention and makes take action
  • use secret words as “Dicover 7 single Tricks/Reasons/Ways/Secrets …”
  • clear body text with strong call to action



  • if you don’t know if your campaigns converts – start with CPC
  • once it converts move to CPV
  • for getting “Likes” use optimized CPV – Facebook loves working on this one



For more information on how to get dirt cheap clicks check this Facebook Ads tutorial

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